Hazrat Maulana Khalil-ur-Rahman

Dora 1983-Sheikh Muhammad Tahir رحمه الله

  1. a- Usool Ul Quran 
  2. b- Usool Ul Quran 
  3. c- Usool Ul Quran 
  4. d- Usool Ul Quran
  5. e- Usool Ul Quran 
  6. f- Usool Ul Quran
  7. g- Usool Ul Quran
  8. h- Usool Ul Quran
  9. a- Al Fatiha
  10. b- Al Fatiha
  11. c- Al Fatiha
  12. d- Al Fatiha, a- Al Baqara (1-to-2)
  13. b- Al Baqara (3-to-13) 
  14. c- Al Baqara (13-to-26) 
  15. d- Al Baqara (26-to-35) 
  16. e- Al Baqara (36-to-60) 
  17. f- Al Baqara (60-to-85) 
  18. g- Al Baqara (86-to-102) 
  19. h- Al Baqara (102-to-124) 
  20. i- Al Baqara (124-to-154)
  21. j- Al Baqara (154-to-177) 
  22. k- Al Baqara (177-to-206)
  23. l- Al Baqara (206-to-229)
  24. m- Al Baqara (230-to-260) 
  25. n- Al Baqara (260-to-Last)
  26. a- Aal e Imran (1-to-54) 
  27. b- Aal e Imran (55-to-103)
  28. c- Aal e Imran (104-to-155)
  29. d- Aal e Imran (156-to-Last)
  30. a- Al Nisa (1-to-12)
  31. b- Al Nisa (13-to-74)
  32. c- Al Nisa (75-to-117)
  33. d- Al Nisa (118-to-152)
  34. e- Al Nisa (152-to- Last), a- Al Maida (Khulasa)
  35. b- Al Maida (1-to-6)
  36. c- Al Maida (7-to-48)
  37. d- Al Maida (48-to-108)
  38. e- Al Maida (106- Last), a- Al Anaam (Khulasa)
  39. b- Al Anaam (1-73)
  40. c- Al Anaam (74-132)
  41. d- Al Anaam (133-Last)
  42. a- Al Aaraf (1-37)
  43. b- Al Aaraf (38-102)
  44. c- Al Aaraf (103-174)
  45. d- Al Aaraf (175-Last), a- Al Anfal (1-16)
  46. b- Al Anfal (17-Last)
  47. a- Al Tauba (1-61)
  48. b- Al Tauba (62-123)
  49. c- Al Tauba(123-Last), a- Younus (1-66)
  50. b- Younus (67-Last), a- Hood (1-17)
  51. b- Hood (18-112)
  52. c- Hood (113- Last), a- Yousuf (1-48)
  53. b- Yousuf (48-110)
  54. c- Yousuf (111-Last), a- Ibrahim (1-10)
  55. b- Ibrahim (11-Last), a- Al Nahal (1-70)
  56. b- Al Nahal (70-Last), a- Al Isra (1-22)
  57. b- Al Isra (23-Last), a- Al Kahaf (1-17)
  58. b- Al kahaf (18-Last), a- Maryam (1-35)
  59. b- Maryam (36-Last), a- Al Anbiya (1-11)
  60. b- Al Anbiya (12-Last), a- Al Hajj (1-14)
  61. b- Al Hajj (15-Last), a-Al Mominoon (1-43)
  62. b- Al Mominoon (44-Last), a- Al Noor (1-4)
  63. b- Al Noor (4-Last), a- Al Furqan (39-Last)
  64. b- Al Furqan (40-Last), a- Al Namal (1-36)
  65. b- Al Namal (37-Last), a- Al Qasas (48-Last)
  66. b- Al Qasas (49-Last), a- Al Room (15-Last)
  67. b- Al Room (16-Last) -to- Al Sijda (1-Last)
  68. a-Al Ahzab (1-35)
  69. b- Al Ahzab (36-Last), a- Saba (1-35)
  70. b- Saba (36-Last) -to-  a- Yaseen (1-52)
  71. b- Yaseen (52-Last), a- Swad (1-26)
  72. b- Swad (26-Last),  a- Al Zumur (1-33)
  73. b- Al Zumur (34-Last), a- HMAl Momin (1-51)
  74. b- HM Al Momin (52-Last), a- HM Al Sijda (1-31)
  75. b- HM Al Sijda (32-Last), a- HM Al Shura (1-24)
  76. b- HM Al Shura (25-Last), a- HM Al Zuhruf (1-57)
  77. b- HM Al Zuhruf (58-Last),  a- HM Al Ahqaf (1-2)
  78. b- HM Al Ahqaf (3-Last), a- Mohammad (1-15)
  79. b- Mohammad (16-Last) -to-  a- Al Hujurat (Khulasa)
  80. b- Al Hujurat (1-Last)  -to-  a- Al Toor (1-26)
  81. b- Al Toor (27-Last)  -to-  a- Al Rahman (1-18)
  82. b- Al Rahman (19-Last)  -to-  a- Al Hadeed (1-20)
  83. b- Al Hadeed (20-Last)  -to-  a- Al Mumtahena (1-7)
  84. b- Al Mumtahena (8-last)  -to-  a- Al Mulk (1-19)
  85. b- Al Mulk (20-Last)  -to-  a- Al Muzzammil (1-2)
  86. b- Al Muzzammil (3-Last)  -to-  a- Al Dahar (1-24)
  87. b- Al Dahar (25-Last)  -to-  a- Al Buroj (1-4)
  88. b- Al Buroj (5-Last)  -to-  a- Al Aala (1-4)
  89. b- Al Aala (5-Last) -to- Al Naas (1-Last)

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