Hazrat Maulana Khalil-ur-Rahman

Dora Tafseer 2014

Audio Files
Usool-ul-Quran, Wed-28-May-2014
Usool-ul-Quran, Thu-29-May-2014
Usool-ul-Quran, Fri-30-May-2014
Usool-ul-Quran, Sat-31-May-2014
Usool-ul-Quran, Sun-01-June-2014
Usool-ul-Quran, Mon-02-June-2014
Usool-ul-Quran. Tue-03-June-2014
Usool-ul-Quran. Wed-04-June-2014
Usool-ul-Quran. Thu-05-June-2014
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Al-Fatiha (1-3), Thu-05-June-2014
Al-Fatiha (4-7), Fri-06-June-2014
Al-Baqara (1-5). Sat-07-June-2014
Al-Baqara (6-27). Sun-08-June-2014
Al-Baqara (28-39). Mon-09-June-2014
Al-Baqara (40-62), Tue-10-June-2014
Al-Baqara (63-96). Wed-11-June-2014
Al-Baqara (97-128). Thu-12-June-2014

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